401k Sales Champion

A complete sales development program for advisors who want to
launchgrow and improve their 401(k) plan business!


We support Advisors and your pursuit of 401(k) and other group retirement plans because we believe in your ability to have a positive impact upon our joint plan sponsor and plan participant clients.  Together we can assist each to achieve their respective goals for why they sponsored and why they participate in the plan.

We are excited for our partnership with the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop©. We are based in the Kansas City area but serve investment advisors throughout the United States.

What’s in the workshop?



You’ll have access to:


  • 36 video segments covering 109 topics

  • 30 E-Tools cataloged within the 7-Step Process

  • direct line to our in-house retirement plan experts

  • Live webinars with Heartland Consulting + Chris Barlow

  • Profiling Menu of proven sales scripts, questions, and statements to overcome plan sponsor prospect objections.



The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop discusses best
practices to grow and improve your 401(k) business!


To enhance your confidence of the disciplines of plan design and plan administration, KnowHow 401(k) has partnered with NIPA, the National Association of Pension Administrators to provide you with the Fundamentals of Qualified Retirement Plans within Step #1 Preparation.

Three Outcomes of the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop


Confidence:  You will confirm that 401(k) and other group retirement plans is a market that you want to pursue, and you understand what it is going to take as far as time, frustration and effort to achieve your goals.

Prepared:  You will be prepared to answer the 2 big questions plan sponsors want you to answer.

  • Why should they allow you to work with them and their employees?

  • Why is your recommendation better than what they have now?

Focus: If you build a business plan and write specifically what you need to do daily in order to achieve your long-term goals, you are more apt to stick to it.


Ready to grow your business?